John Gorka, Folksinger…

“The folk music scene in this country is better today because of David Tamulevich. He has helped expand the grassroots network of the music by helping artists become better known, making music lovers into good promoters, and teaching new agents their craft. Through his work, he has helped bring music to places beyond the standard 18 biggest US live music markets so that people who live elsewhere can enjoy performances in their communities and in settings more intimate than arena sized venues.

He cares about keeping venues afloat, working with promoters to establish reasonable guarantees so that they can grow audiences over the long terms. Since he’s a performer himself, he is able to help promoter’s see things from the artist’s point of view. He’s fostered the careers of many new artists, of which I was lucky to be one. He doesn’t just book shows, he builds relationships between artists and promoters. so that both can thrive. In many lines of work, people are either easy to work with or they’re good at what they do.. David is both. He’s savvy about the music business, but he’s not in it only for the money. He’s also in it for the love of music.”

Dar Williams, Singer/songwriter…

“David invited me to work with him in 1994, explaining that Fleming Tamulevich did not make people into superstars, but that I would always be able to work. What he was too modest to tell me was recounted in city after city by many promoters: David was the reason there was work. He nurtured many eager new promoters through their first audiences, their growing pains, and their tendency to want to give the artist 90% of the door. David explained that it was better for the artists to take 80% and still have a gig to go to the next year! You might not think that a word to the wise and a hand on the shoulder would make a big difference, but I wish I could show you a pushpin map with places like Marblehead, Massachusetts, Randolph, Vermont, and Pawling, New York and many more small cities that grew their concert series into community mainstays. More than giving artists a consistent audience, these venues offered a democratization of music, an un-branded meeting place for the like-minded, and a fabulous place for kids to come into their own as audiences, volunteers and musicians.

David gave me counsel at many important crossroads in my own career, as well. It’s important to remember why we do fundraisers, why we give money back to the frustrated promoters every once in a while, and why it’s ok when we’re not on the cover of various magazines. I was able to build an audience-based ( not industry-base) career. My greatest statistical success was best measured in how many teenagers had locked themselves in their rooms with my CDs.

David has a way of encouraging and elevating the mission of the hard-working singer-songwriter that kept me directed on the best path for my career, one on which I was always writing, always laughing, always working, and always performing in coffeehouses and theaters that I loved, both on and off the stage, places to come full circle and that in many ways owe their existence to the insightful, patient work of David Tamulevich.”

Mark Moss Editor, Sing Out! Magazine…

“David Tamulevich brings a devotion and integrity to his work with artists in the folk community that is unparalleled. This is a guy that not only “ gets” the music, but truly loves it, and his work with both artists and presenters is about building an honest partnership that serves the needs of the field and the audience, it’s an honor to have someone like David working in our business.”

Anne Saunders, Falcon Ridge Folk Festival…

“If there is one individual in the folk and acoustic music community that has lent a helping hand to all, artists, presenters, managers, agents, it is David Tamulevich. The Falcon Ridge Folk Festival could never have become what it is today without him. We are far from alone in that. Many of us have benefited, survived, gone on because David was there, willing to share his skills, knowledge, expertise or maybe just listen.”

Sean LaRoche, Agent…

“I have known David Tamulevich since 1992. If there is one individual responsible for the health and well-being of the singer-songwriter, folk music, community it is David. I have watched him help folk music venues throughout the country not only get started but also maintain their audiences and often flourish. Nobody has played a more important role in building and mentoring this important community.

David is the only person I know who not only creates a comfortable and intelligent relationship with the business people, buyers and producers, but also..as a touring artist….sees and is involved with the performance side of the process. This fact alone gives him a unique perspective on the process of bringing the music to the towns and cities throughout our country.

David has devoted his life to the community. He has had a great influence on presenters, artists and audiences for many years. He really is “Mr. Folk Music” in my mind. And he wouldn’t want me to say that..he doesn’t consider himself that. He is a modest man. But it is true.

I have been in the entertainment business for over fifty years. I believe that David deserves acknowledgement as the great teacher and cheerleader and organizer he has been over the years.”

Eric Peltoniemi, President, Red House Records Records…

“David Tamulevich in his capacity as artist manager, agent and performing artist has been one of the most influential and important figures in the world of folk and roots music. Since our inception as a record label in the mid 1980s, Red House Records has valued David not only as a trusted friend, but also as a frequent advisor and source of wisdom concerning artists

careers, musical trends and all things “folk music.” He is a man of honor and integrity, one whom artists deeply trust and rely upon. David has represented many of the major artists on our label, built their careers and in many ways is a major contributor to success we have enjoyed as a record label. In the great and far slung North American folk music community David Tamulevich is a major figure, leader and community builder.”

Pete & Maura Kennedy, Recording artists, hosts of “The Dharma Cafe” on SIRIUS Satellite Radio, artists in residence John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts…

“The tradition of folk music as a carrier of cultural values, and a medium for creative expression, dates back to the medieval troubadours of Europe, and the traveling griots of Africa. In each generation, and in every culture, pivotal figures have nurtured this tradition, adding to it and passing it along in enhanced form to the next generation. These figures include not only performing artists and writers, but also the business people who serve as patrons of the arts, and facilitators of live performance. David Tamulevich, for four decades, has fulfilled all of these rolls. As an artist, he is an accomplished singer, musician and songwriter. As a business man, he has been a central figure in the renaissance of contemporary folk music, working tirelessly to establish the chain of live venues that forms the “folk circuit,” extending far from his base in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to all corners of North America. This circuit provides a livelihood for artists, a showcase for the best in contemporary music, and an educational opportunity for the young artists of the future. It is fair to say that the folk circuit would not be in place today without the efforts of David Tamulevich, who has served as the undisputed premier booking agent in the field of contemporary folk music for nearly 40 years.”

Rich Warren, Host/producer nationally syndicated radio programs “The Midnight Special” and “Folkstage”, Music reviewer for “Sing Out!” magazine…

“David Tamulevich has made a significant contribution to the cultural richness of the American folk music community as well as to the art of songwriting. He has helped talented aspiring artists achieve national recognition, especially artists from Michigan. Beyond being an agent, promoter, and performer he selflessly boosts those musicians in whose art he believes. Tamulevich also fills the airwaves of our radio station with his own outstanding music, delivered with warmth and sincerity. He is acclaimed in folk music circles through the U.S. and Canada as half of the duet Mustard’s Retreat. I appreciate Tamulevich’s deep humanity, humility, and dedication.”

Jim McTiernan. President, Flint Folk Music Society…

“I have had the pleasure of enjoying David Tamulevich’s music as a member of Mustard’s Retreat for decades. I especially enjoyed that his music encouraged community and brotherhood, both in concert and recordings. Over the last eight years as president of the Flint Folk Music Society I have come to know David as musician, booking agent and friend. I have found that the dedication to and promotion of community I found in his music emanates from the man and extends to musicians and organizations such as ours throughout Michigan and the nation. He is supportive of musicians, those who would become musicians and those of us who present music to audiences because we see music as something that can bring people together in peace.

David is always there to help and nurture. His contributions to individuals, organizations and communities have made the state and the country better places. David, in his humble way, would probably say that his contributions are small, but if more of us acted as he does the collective effort would result in a better world.”

Deb McWethy, Peterborough Folk Music Society…

“I have worked with and known David for 18 years and I have the utmost respect for his work ethic and desire to accomplish his goals within his agency. Every where I go in New England I meet many promoters and I am always awed at all the people who work with David and speak so highly of him. David has the most sincere interest in and vast knowledge of his field of anyone I have worked with. He works for the betterment of all; the musician and the promoter and his personality makes him a joy to work with.

I always look forward to working with David. His dedication to the arts has never wavered. Music is David’s passion and his life. If I were a musician I would make every effort to be on his roster and I would be flattered to be accepted. Because of his steady dedication to and passion for his field, David is highly regarded, has made successful careers for many musicians, kept important music alive, and consequently has made a significant difference in his field.”

Matt Watroba…singer/songwriter, DJ on Folk Alley…

“I consider the state of Michigan to be among the very best places to make a living as a day-to-day working folk musician. This is possible, in large part, to the work of David Tamulevich. David’s talents as an organizer, artist and friend add so much to the folk music community in our state, it’s really hard to measure. His success as half the musical duo Mustards Retreat and his success as a top booking agent places David in a unique position to invigorate the current folk music scene and to nurture the new members of our community. David Tamulevich does this with passion and grace.”

Alan Korolenko, Artistic Director/New Bedford Summerfest Folk Festival…

“David Tamulevich has devoted his life to connecting traditional and contemporary folk music with the general public both as an agent and a performer. His efforts have been instrumental in keeping this vital and historic music alive and his personal integrity and dignity have showcased his artists and his music in the best possible light.

Tim Drake, The Roots Agency…

“David Tamulevich is perhaps one of the most endeared people in the folk music business. Not only has he shepherded the touring careers of well-known songwriters like Greg Brown, Ani DiFranco, and Dar Williams, he spends countless hours coaching the unknown folk singer just starting out and need of good advice. He does this out of the goodness of his heart. He does this to build community and has devoted himself to doing this for 30 years now. His national reputation amidst the folk community is not only because he is the man who helped create a national touring circuit for folk musicians, but he is a man you can trust; a man of his word. There is hardly a folk musician, folk festival or venue in this country that isn’t indebted in someway to David Tamulevich.”

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