It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of Michael Johnson.  Michael was  artistically brilliant: not only a world class guitarist, singer and arranger, his shows were full of life, joy and humor.  Even before his first hit, Bluer Than Blue in 1979, ( the first of his 9 top 10 hits), his place in the singer/songwriter hall of fame was assured: he helped define what it meant to BE a contemporary singer/songwriter…even before that term was coined.  His seminal album, There Is A Breeze, was, and continues to be, a touchstone in many, many people’s lives.

But beyond all that, it was Michael as a person that made him so special.  Warm, generous, encouraging, humble…the list goes.  The outpouring of love for this man has been overwhelming, and it a measure and legacy of the man, his life  and his art, that he touched so many so profoundly. Michael was a light, and will be sorely missed and well remembered.