Tamulevich Artist Management has entered its 3rd year! We want to wish you well in this holiday season, and give you an update on the amazing artists we represent! We hope you will take the time to look, listen, discover them. We are extremely proud to represent such fine and talented individuals – artists that are making a difference in the world.

BROTHER SUN joined the roster in September. Three veteran and highly respected songwriters/performers, they are one of the “buzz” artists out there.

Another “buzz” artist is JOE CROOKSTON. Joe is finishing up his highly anticipated new CD, which is scheduled to be out by March.

Speaking of anticipated CDs, JOHN GORKA has just completed his newest recording, which will be out in February. In addition, a new DVD of his concert earlier this year at Tales From the Tavern has just come out.

MICHAEL JOHNSON is just back from a successful the Phillippines…and headed back again in February! A new recording is in the works: he is looking at a Fall 2014 release.

REV. ROBERT B JONES is the newest addition to the roster. A blues educator, performer, storyteller based in Detroit, Robert has an impressive resume’, and an even more impressive show.

MUSTARD’S RETREAT is touring behind their new CD ” A Good Place To Be”, and celebrating the 40th year of doing music together!

the olllam They have only toured the US once; a short tour last September, but audiences were blown away by their virtuosity and their live show. A new video and CD are in the works.

RED HORSE is taking a bit of a break, as the 3 artists focus on their own projects…but do ask if you are interested.

PETER YARROW A new CD, with a song written with the Dali Lama! Peter continues his almost
non-stop touring,lecturing, fund-raising efforts round the world.

THE YELLOW ROOM GANG is working away on a new CD: their 4th, set to be released next Fall to celebrate their 10th anniversary!