Here if the schedule for myself and the TAM artists at the Folk Alliance conference  this week in Kansas City.  If you are not familiar with Folk Alliance, you can check it out a   It is pretty  amazing.  🙂
I know many of you cannot make it…and you will be missed!  This is really like a great family reunion.  I  really look forward to seeing all of you that I can; be sure to say hello!

And, if you are planning on attending, I hope you get a chance to see our artists, and attend the workshops/panels.  All will be great and informative, I am especially excited about Christine Lavin’s video  workshops, and Don White’s Learning to Use Comedy: both amazing opportunities to learn from  two of the most exceptional artists in our field.

6:15….During the Lifetime Achievement Awards presentation, Brother Sun will be performing…in celebration of their #1 song and #1 CD for 2013 on Folk-DJ!

Indy showcases
Brother Sun
11:30 PM Room 651

12:30 PM  Washington Park 1
John Gorka and I take part in the Red House Records: 30 Years of Making Music panel!  Seems like yesterday that Bob Feldman launched what has become one of the most respected labels in our world.

2 PM Shawnee
I will be moderating the panel Performance 101: What I Have Learned Over the Years 🙂  Great group of panelists with me!

4 PM  Waterfall Stage    A Salute to Pete Seeger…John Gorka,  Don White & Christine Lavin, Joe Jencks of Brother Sun will be taking part in this star studded tribute to  Pete!

Official Showcases
Red House Showcase  The Liberty Room

6 PM Michael Johnson
8 PM John Gorka

7:30- Brother Sun  Washington Park Place 3

Indy Showcases
Midnight..Room 651- Christine Lavin & Don White

11 AM..Don White Workshop:  Using Humor Between Songs….Roanoke

NOT TO BE MISSED!!!**  Don is a master  of comedy, performance skills, and how you can learn to incorporate them into your performance!  A rare opportunity to learn and talk to one of the best!

12:45- 1:30  Christine Lavin: Creating Your own Videos for Youtube or Vimeo    Penn Valley

Video is THE medium, and Christine is offering one on one sessions to show you how to do it.

1:30 PM – 5:00 PM  Christine Lavin , Penn Valley… Concertwindow Laptop Concert — perform LIVE for an audience logged in from all over the world. Sign up with Christine to be in the show!

2:15  PM   I will be leading a panel on The Arts Market: What You Need To Know and Why  Washington Park Place 3

9:00. Don White & Christine Lavin  ..official showcase…  Liberty

Indy Showcases
Brother Sun..Midnight..Room 640
1:30 AM…Room 703


12:30 – 4:00 PM Concertwindow Laptop Concert — perform LIVE for an audience logged in from all over the world.  Sign up with Christine to be in the show.

Indy Showcases
Brother Sun  Midnight…Room 640
1:30 AM…Room 603