Christine Lavin

Truth is, it is nearly impossible to sum up Christine Lavin is a few sentences. She is an iconic singer/songwriter who has earned her legendary status through years of tireless performing, doing shows at once quirky, hilarious and touching. Her songs have a wordsmith’s eye for detail, with a comic’s vision for the absurd, and a huge and fearless heart that will go anywhere … and who else baton twirls, knits with her audience before a show, and does their nails??

“A garrulous comic observer of contemporary manners” – NY Times

“An enchanting stage performer” –  Cosmopolitan

“Lavin is the central force in the most visible segment of the contemporary folk music scene.  Captivating.”  Billboard

“Christine Lavin puts delightful melodies behind wry, witty and perceptive observations about life.”  NY Daily News

“Lavin can write serious, sensitive songs with the best of them.  But it’s her funny material that sticks in the mind.”  Providence Bulletin

“She’s a folkZinger!” – Orlando Sentinel

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“Regretting What I Said”

“If You’re Drunk, You Can Not Buy A Puppy”

“Remembering My Passwords”

“Women Walking Wearing Wings”



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