Mustard’s Retreat – 2.0

Mustard’s Retreat has been delighting audiences by telling stories for 40 years- they are witty, insightful, fun, and profound, as well as accomplished songwriters and musician ( guitars, dulcimer, electric bass, mandolin, harmonica, pennywhistle). In addition to being raconteurs and storytellers, they will give you things to laugh about for days to come and remember for years. Tales of stupid frogs, wandering cadavers, haunted bridges and techo-nerds, memories of small towns and high school, first loves and last…and places we’ve been or maybe just dreamed of.

The audience loved Mustard’s Retreat. I knew they would. You are exactly what we do.  Libby was absolutely delightful and my only regret about the show is that I didn’t have more time to get to know her better. Maybe some other time. Keep up the great work!” ~ Ken  Hardley and the whole RHR crew.

“Mustard’s Retreat played to an enthusiastic crowd at the Indy Folk Series. David Tamulevich and Libby Glover charmed everyone with their songs and stories. Fine guitar picking, coupled with beautiful harmonies, carried the evening. Libby shined with her accapela songs and unique poems, she commands the stage. We had great comments about them from the audience, a tribute to their talent.” ~ Indy Folk Series

Through the years, Mustard’s Retreat has performed on WVBR’s Bound for Glory. Michael Hough and David Tamulevich made magic for us all. Then Libby Glover joined them with a lovely smile and sweet harmonies. Well, Michael Hough couldn’t make it this Winter, so David and Libby did the show together, just the two of them. And, yes, it worked. And, yes, it worked very, very well. Everyone in the live audience really warmed to what they were doing, and sang along on just about everything. What sparkle!!!!!” ~ Bound for Glory, Ithaca, NY

Past quotes!!

Music to cure what ails you.” – Michigan Times

“fresh, vital, relevant” – Robert Reid, Waterloo Record, ON, 2015

They may not be the  one’s you came to see, but they’ll be the ones you come back for”  – Andy Braunfeld, Philadelphia Folk Festival

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